Ponyville 2008 US check list

Single Sets (One pony and accessories)
___"Dressed Like a Clown" with Scootaloo
___"Music" with Starsong
___"Popcorn Cart" with Cheerilee
___"Rollerskating Party" with Pinkie Pie
___"Scoot Along" with Scootaloo
___"Tea" with Rainbow Dash
___"Time To Bake" with Cheerilee
___ "Treats" with Toola-Roola

___Ponyville Carry Case with Rainbow Dash

Double Sets (Two ponies and accessories)
___/___"Bumper Cars" with Pinkie Pie and Starsong
___/___"Deliver Goodies" with Cheerilee and Sweetie Belle
___/___"On Stage" with Rainbow Dash and Toola-Roola
___/___"Snacks" with Cheerliee and Scootaloo

Pony Packs (Multiple ponies, basic/no accessories)
___/___/___ 3 pack- Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Starsong
___/___/___ 3 pack- Cheerilee, Rainbow Dash, and Toola Roola
___/___/___ 3 pack- Cheerilee, Scootaloo and Toola Roola  (Accessory bag)
___/___/___ 3 pack- (Advent Calender)

___/___     4 pack- Bay Breeze, Flippity Flop
___/___	    Lavender Lake, Ribbon Wishes

___/___/___ 6 pack "Ponyville Easter Eggs" Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, 
            Scootaloo, Starsong, Sweetie Belle

___ Ponyville Adventure Game (Core 7 Set)

Building Playsets
___"Hot Chocolate Café" with Pinkie Pie
___"Popcorn Movie Theater" with Starsong
___"Rainbow Dash's House" with Rainbow Dash
___"Starsong's Stageshow Bus" with Starsong
	___/___Bonus Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash,
	___/___Scootaloo, Toola-Roola
___"Sweet Sundae Amusement Park" with Sweetie Belle
___Bonus Toola-Roola
___/___ Bonus Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo

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