Ponyville 2007 US check list

Single Sets (One pony and accessories)
___"Sharing Sweets" with Flutterbye
___"Shoe Time" with Toola-Roola
___"Tea" with Pinkie Pie

Double Sets (Two ponies and accessories)
___/___"Deliver Goodies" with Sky Wishes and Tink-A-Tink-A-Too
___/___"Teacup Parade" with Cupcake and Strawberry Swirl
___/___"Rain or Shine" with Merriweather and Shenanigans
___/___"Bumper Cars" with Royal Bouquet and Sweetie Belle

Pony Packs (Multiple ponies, basic/no accessories)
___/___/___ 3 pack- Always & Forever, Wish-I-May, Valenshy
___/___/___ 3 pack- Fantastical February, Wish-I-Might, Yours Truly 

___/___/___ 6 pack- Bay Breeze, Breezie Dreams, Flippity Flop
___/___/___	Lavender Lake, Ribbon Wishes, Sunset Sweety

Building Playsets
___"Fancy Fashions" with Cherry Blossom
___" Rollerskate Party Cake" with Pinkie Pie
___"Teapot Palace" with Sparkleworks
	___/___/___Bonus Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Wysteria 
	___/___/___/___ Bonus Daisyjo, Desert Rose, Rainbow Dash and Triple Treat

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