Ponyville 2006 US check list

Single Sets (One pony and accessories)
___"Meet for Ice Cream" with Triple Treat 
___"Swing Along" with Sunny Daze

Double Sets (Two ponies and accessories)
___/___"Birthday Afternoon" with Bunches-o-Fun and Rainbow Dash
___/___"Fancy Fashions" with Desert Rose and Sew-and-So
___/___"Scootin' Along" with Daisyjo and Scooter Sprite

Pony Packs (Multiple ponies, basic/no accessories)
___/___        "Minty and Friends"- Minty, Pinkie Pie 
___/___	       Sparkleworks, Wysteria

Building Playsets
___"A Very Minty Christmas Tree" with Minty
___"Pinkie Pie's Balloon House" with Pinkie Pie
	___Bonus Play Mat
	___/___Bonus Fair Weather and Magic Marigold
___"Sweet Shoppe" with Sweetberry

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