My Little Pony Check List
Generation One, U.S Retail Line
Years  1982-1992

Year One 1982-1983

	Original Six, Flat-Foot Collector Ponies
		___Blue Belle
		___Cotton Candy


Year Two 1983-1984

	Re-launched From Year One
		___Blossom (light color, Concave-Foot)
		___Cotton Candy(light color, Concave-Foot)

	Earth Ponies



	Rainbow Ponies
 	Sea Ponies

	Playset Ponies
		___Lemon Drop


Year Three 1984-1985

	Re-launched From Year Two
		___Applejack (long/curly hair version)
		___Bubbles (long/curly hair version)
		___Firefly (long/curly hair version)
		___Medley (long/curly hair version)

	Earth Ponies
		___Cherries Jubilee

		___Heart Throb

		___Sky Flier
	Rainbow Ponies

	Baby Ponies
		___Baby Blossom
		___Baby Cotton Candy
		___Baby Glory
		___Baby Moondancer
		___Baby Firefly
		___Baby surprise
	Sea Ponies
		___High Tide
		___Sand Dollar
		___Sea Breeze
		___Sea Mist
		___Wave Jumper
		___White Cap

	Baby Sea Ponies
		___Sea Shimmer
		___Sea Star
		___Surf Rider
		___Tiny Bubbles

	Megan and Sundance

	Playset Ponies
		___Baby Cuddles (NBBE)
		___Baby Tiddlywinks (NBBE)

Year Four 1985-1986

	So-Soft Ponies (Wave One)
		___Hippety Hop
		___Cherries Jubilee
		___Heart Throb
		___Magic Star
		___North Star
		___Skippety Doo
		___Wind Whistler
	Twinkle-Eyed Ponies
		___Sweet Stuff
		___Sky Rocket
		___Sweet Pop
	Flutter Ponies
		___Morning Glory
		___Peach Blossom

	Beddy-Bye Eyes Baby Ponies (BBE)
		___Baby Gusty 
		___Baby Heart Throb
		___Baby Lickety-Split
		___Baby Lofty
		___Baby Ribbon
		___Baby Shady

Pretty and Pearly Baby Sea Ponies
		___Sea Shimmer
		___Surf Rider
		___Water Lily

	Molly and Sundance Set
		___Baby Sundance (BBE)

	Megan and Sundance set
		___Sundance (So-Soft)

	Party Time  Gift Pack
		___Baby Frosting
		___Best Wishes
		___Party Time
		___ Yum Yum

	Playset Ponies
		___Baby Sleepy Pie (BBE)
		___Baby Half-Note (BBE)
		___Baby Tiddlywinks (BBE)
		___Baby Cuddles (BBE)


Year 5

	Twinkle-Eyed Ponies
		___Bright Eyes

	So-Soft Ponies

	Big Brothers
	Twice As Fancy Ponies
		___Dancing Butterflies
		___Love Melody
		___Milky Way
		___Sweet Tooth
		___Up, Up, and Away

	Princess Ponies with Bushwoolies
		___Princess Primrose
		___Princess Royal Blue
		___Princess Serena
		___Princess Sparkle
		___Princess Starburst
		___Princess Tiffany 
		___Cheery (pink)
		___Chumster (yellow)
		___Eager (dark pink)
		___Friendly (Blue)
		___Hugster (green)
		___Wishful (purple)
	First Tooth Baby Ponies
		___Baby Bouncy
		___Baby Fifi
		___Baby Lickety-Split
		___Baby North Star
		___Baby Quackers	
		___Baby Tic-Tac-Toe

	Newborn Twins
		___Dibbles     &  ___Nibbles
		___Doodles    &  ___Noodles
		___Milkweed  &  ___Tumbleweed
		___Jangles     &  ___Tangles
		___Rattles      &  ___Tattles
		___Sniffles     &  ___Snookums

	Slumber Party Gift Pack
		___Pillow Talk	
		___Pink Dreams
		___Sleep Tight
		___Sleepy Head

	Flutter Ponies
		___Cloud Puff
		___Tropical Breeze
		___Wind Drifter
		___Wind Song

	Baby Pony Friends
		___Zig Zag

	Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies
		___Sea Breeze
		___Sea Spray
Playset Ponies
		___Baby Crumpet


Year 6

	Twice As Fancy Ponies
		___Bonnie Bonnets		
		___Night Glider
		___Yum Yum
Princess Ponies
		___Princess Dawn
		___Princess Misty
		___Princess Moondust
		___Princess Pristina
		___Princess Sunbeam
		___Princess Taffeta

Sundae Best Ponies
		___Banana Surprise
		___Crunch Berry
		___Coco Berry
		___Peppermint Crunch
		___Swirly Whirly
	Brush 'n Grow Ponies
		___Braided Beauty
		___Curly Locks
		___Pretty Vision
		___Twisty Tail

	Newborn Twins
		___Big Top    &  ___Toppy
		___Jabber     &  ___Jebber
		___Puddles 	  &  ___Peaks
		___Sandcastle &  ___Shovles
		___Speckles	  &  ___Bunkie
		___Sticky	  &  ___Sniffles

	Big Brother Ponies
		___Wig Wam

	Happy Tails Ponies
		___Tall Tales

	Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies
		___Baby Grifitti
		___Baby Noddins
		___Baby Ribbs
		___Baby Snippy
		___Baby Sweet Stuff
		___Baby Whirly Twirl

	Magic Message Ponies
		___Cloud Dreamer
		___Magic Hat
		___Mirror Mirror

	Summer Wings
		___High Flier
		___Lady Flutter
		___Little Flitter
		___Sky Dancer

	Sweetberry Ponies
		___Blueberry Baskets
		___Boysenberry Pie
		___Cherry Treats
		___Cranberry Muffins
		___Raspberry Jam
		___Strawberry Surprise

	Pony Friends
		___Cha Cha
	Water Color Baby Sea Ponies
		___Wave Dancer


Year 7
	Merry Go Round Ponies
		___Brilliant Blossoms
		___Diamond Dreams
		___Flower Bouquet
	Candy Cane Ponies
		___Caramel Crunch
		___Lemon Treats
		___Mint Dreams
		___Sugar Apple
		___Sugar Sweet

	Perfume Puff Ponies
		___Dainty Dahlia
		___Daisy Sweet
		___Lavender Lace
		___Red Roses
		___Sweet Lily
		___Sweet Suds

	Sunshine Ponies
		___Beach Ball
		___Sand Digger
		___Sea Flower
		___Wave Runner
	Baby Fancy Pants Ponies
		___Baby Bows
		___Baby Dots 'n Hearts
		___Baby Glider
		___Baby Splashes
		___Baby Starburst
		___Baby Sunnybunch

	Dance 'n Prance
		___Tap Dancer

	Loving Family Ponies
		Bright Bouquet
		Apple Delight
		Sweet Celebrations

	Windy Wings
		___Cool Breeze
		___Moon Jumper
		___Starry Wings
	Playtime Baby Brothers
		___Baby Countdown
		___Baby Drummer
		___Baby Leaper
		___Baby Paws
		___Baby Racer
		___Baby Waddles

	Princess Brush 'n Grow Ponies
		___Brilliant Bloom
		___Glittering Gem
		___Star Gleamer

	Sparkle Ponies
		___Sky Rocket
		___Star Dancer
		___Star Hopper

	Newborn Ponies

	Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
		___Baby Woolly
		___Baby Leafy
		___Baby Lucky Leaf
		___Baby Pockets
		___Baby Hoppy
		___Baby Stripes
		___Baby Nectar

Sweetheart Sister Ponies
		___Fancy Flower
		___Frilly Flower
		___Spring Song
		___Wild Flower

	Twice As Fancy Megan and Sundance
		___Sundance (TAF)


Year 8

	Rainbow Curl Ponies

	Tropical Ponies
		___Hula Hula
		___Pina Colada
		___Sea Breeze
		___Tootie Tails

	Drink 'n Wet Babies	
		___Baby Cuddles
		___Baby Flicker
		___Baby Rainfeather
		___Baby Snookums

	Sweet Steps Ballerina
		___Posey Rose
		___Silky Slipper
		___Tip Toes
		___Twinkle Dancer

	Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister
		___Cha Cha
		___Daisy Dancer
		___Pretty Belle
		___Sweet Sundrop

	Gilttery Sweetheart Sister
		___Bright Night

	Sparkle Baby Ponies	
		___Baby Firefly
		___Baby Gusty		
		___Baby North Star
		___Baby Starflower

	Christmas Pony
		___Merry Treat

	Pony Bride
		___Pony Bride

	Playset Ponies
		___Baby Princess Sparkle


Year 9

	Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony
		___ Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony

	Firefly's Adventure

	Glow 'n Show
		___Bright Glow 
		___Dazzle Glow
		___Happy Glow
		___Star Glow

	Pretty Ponies
		___Flower Dream
		___Rosey Love

	Precious Pocket Ponies
		___Bunny Hop
		___Li'l Pocket
		___Sweet Pocket

	Rockin' Beat Ponies
		___Half Note
		___Pretty Beat
		___Sweet Notes

	Baby Rainbow Ponies
		___Baby Brightbow
		___Baby Rainribbon
		___Baby Starbow
		___Baby Sunribbon

	Baby Ballerina Ponies
		___Baby Soft Steps
		___Baby Sweetsteps
		___Baby Tippytoes
		___Baby Toe Dancer

	Secret Surprise Ponies
		___Pretty Puff
		___Secret Beauty
		___Secret Star

	Teenie Tiny Newborn Ponies
		___Little Giggles
		___Little Honey Pie
		___Little Tabby
		___Little Whiskers

	Princess Ponies
		___Pink Princess
		___Purple Princess


Year 10

	Colorswirl Ponies
		___Love Beam

	Paradise Baby Ponies
		___Baby Beach Ball
		___Baby Palm Tree
		___Baby Pineapple

	Sundazzle Ponies
		___Sun Glory

	Teeny Tiny Twins
		___Rattles     &  ___Tattles
		___Bootsie    &  ___Tootsie
		___Sniffles    &  ___Snookums

	Sweet Talkin'

	Soda Sippin' Ponies
		___Chocolate Delight
		___Strawberry Scoops
	Sweet Kisses Ponies
		___Lovin' Kisses
		___Happy Hugs
		___Ruby Lips

	Flower Fantasy Ponies
		___Love Petal
		___Sweet Blossom

	10th Birthday Pony
		___Birthday Pony

	Fancy Mermaid Ponies
		___Baby Pearly
		___Baby Sea Princess
		___Baby Sea Shimmer


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