Equestia Girls

Posted 10.3.2013 by Bunny

Just when I thought I had them all I find out there are two I am missing. Thankfully they really have not launched wide scale yet so I have some time to get them.

More Updates

Posted 07.7.2013 by Bunny

I think I finally got all of the dead links taken care of, and I have all of my Non USA line ponies updated except my UK ponies, which I hope to finish up this week. Next on the list of new photos are my G1 mail order ponies and G1 playset ponies, then I will be starting with G1 year 10 and moving back to year 1!


Posted 06.7.2013 by Bunny

Starting to photograph my collection again. started with Generation One, Year 6 Summer Wing Ponies. What do you think of the new photo style?

Online Store Coming Soon!

Posted 26.3.2013 by Bunny

It has been a busy last few days, and I am about to re launch the online store! Of course once I get a few more sections added to the site and the store I have some ad credits I can't wait to use!

Newest Additions and Updates

Posted 25.3.2013 by Bunny

I recently purchased some ponies from another local collector! So excited to be getting in back in to my G1 collection! I also updated year 3 and year 4 sections and added a new back card in the media section!

Well Hello!

Posted 24.3.2013 by Bunny

A lot of big changes after a long time away. I just moved servers, so there may be some dead links for a moment, but I am back and at it! Year one and two are up, no more dead links! Year three is next...
its been a while...

Posted 17.8.2012 by Bunny

OK, so life happens and I took a break from ponies and this site, but I am back and working on it again, FINALLY!!!
now for the fun part

Posted 30.9.2011 by Bunny

I was able to update all the links except the "collecting" section. It is going to take some time, as I want to update it with newer images and a better presentation of the information. Expect slow updates on that section, but stay excited! A lot is going to happen in October!
It's already Wednesday?!?

Posted 28.9.2011 by Bunny

All Right! The store is now functional, and thanks to Windows Live you can now get FREE pop3 "yourname@ilovemlp.com" email. It will work on your iphone, blackberry, android, ect!
Getting somewhere

Posted 23.9.2011 by Bunny

I have a few pages up and running, but of course its nothing of any value yet. I won't be working on this site till Monday or Tuesday, so don't expect anything in the way of updates till then. Happy Weekend!
Welcome to the redesign of ilovemlp.com

Posted 22.9.2011 by Bunny

After a LONG time away from ponies and this site, I AM BACK! Its crazy, on my path to simplify my life and gain some sort of peace, I have come back to ponies. Expect more update, more photos and TONS more information
ilovemlp.com is down

Posted 20.9.2011 by Bunny

Yes, I am pulling this site down for a little bit, it will be back, but untill then, don't expect any content to work and there will be a lot of broken links. Let's say "Good Bye" to the last layout, which was, well, umm, pretty awful!